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e-commerce brand

We’ll make your e-commerce brand even more successful.

We’ll put in the hard work while you’ll get to enjoy the benefits from that. Your valuable time and energy is invested in the brand. All that work has definitely not gone to waste: you can just tell from looking at the countless positive reviews alone! 

The truth is: there is still so much to be gained, but you don’t feel like you’re the one who can achieve this in a practical sense. Perhaps you’re listed on several marketplaces, but expanding is just not an option financially. Growing internationally is something you’ve considered, but you just don’t know how to do that. 

Let us lift the weight off your shoulders. We’ll dedicate everything needed to grow your company.

We’re looking for e-commerce brands who meet these requirements:

  1. High customer satisfaction rates and positive reviews
  2. A profit margin of at least 15% 
  3. Low return percentages
  4. High growth potential (internationally) 
  5. Minimum order value of €30 
  6. Product development at own initiative
  7. Less than 100 SKU’s
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We’re looking for registered companies in Europe which generate more than 70% in sales from marketplaces.


Dwarfs presented a good offer within a blink of an eye.
Within 1,5 month, the money was transferred to my bank account
and I will continue to enjoy the fruits of my labors in the coming years.
I finally have the time and money to invest in my other projects!
Marco Coninx
AMCO International

Why sell your business?

We understand your eagerness to grow. And we truly know what it takes to scale an e-commerce business. 

Scaling costs time, money, skills and experience. Got all of those? Great! But let’s be honest: you simply can’t do it all by yourself. 

We’re here to excel your business to new levels, give you your financial freedom and allow you to grow with us along this journey. This way, you get to focus on what you really enjoy: entrepreneurship.

We take your business to the next level

As an entrepreneur, you’re used to investing your heart and soul into everything you do. That’s how you achieved the success you have gained throughout the years. 

But maybe you feel like you need a change of pace. Perhaps you need more time to enjoy some time off, or invest it in one of your other ideas. 

And who could blame you? It’s about time you enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for! 

Building on the foundations that you have laid with your labor, we are able to take the next steps for you and expand your business.

Let the number 1 marketplace buyer in Europe take charge and grow with us!

Our secret to success

At Dwarfs, we know what we’re doing. Each and everyone of us. We believe in our expertise and putting people in the right positions. That is why our world-class team is our secret to success. 

With more than 45 years of e-commerce experience, more than $100 million in online sales and an unparalleled track record of creating successful e-commerce businesses, we are proud to announce: 

We have everything it takes to give your company what it needs. We work with the best to offer your company the best and the best only.

We will do anything it takes to
grow your brand.

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