Choose a job you
love, and you will
never have to work
a day in your life

– Confucius



Working at Dwarfs is what you want and need. We are on a mission to become the biggest consumer goods company in Europe. And you can be part of this mission. 

We’re flexible in that we value your results, not your work schedule. You are offered the possibility to learn new things and work closely with young and ambitious experts.

The Dwarfs Drive

Dwarfs standaard
Every day is a new day to learn and grow. We highly encourage this and stimulate each other to do exactly that.
Be yourself. We believe that each individual has something unique to bring to the table, which is what we value more than anything!
We hold each other accountable for results and measurable progress.
Each day, you become a better version of yourself and you encourage others to do the same.
At Dwarfs, we celebrate the wins as well as the losses. Making mistakes is all part of the game!
We want to create an environment in which everyone can thrive and learn from each other. That’s why we only work with the best.
Dwarfs don’t quit when the going gets tough. Winners always find their way to the top!
Time is precious. We would never force you to attend a meeting that does not feel relevant to you. You decide!

Why work with Dwarfs?

We’re a start-up and we are growing at an extremely fast pace. Want to grow with us? We take pride in our informal, professional culture where there is plenty of space to learn and grow.

  • Be part of a growing business with an innovative business model. 
  • Hop in right at the early start of Dwarfs and be one of our first 20 employees. It’ll be a nice story to share once we’re Europe’s biggest e-commerce company in about five years. 
  • At Dwarfs, you learn by doing. You have a sharp and keen mind, but by learning new things, you gain experience and growth. 
  • We invest in brands, but we also invest in our people! 
  • You have the opportunity to work with quality brands in e-commerce. 
  • We are flexible, which means we only look at your results, not your work schedule. 
  • Be part of our team of A-players.
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