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Are you a successful
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Our Dwarfs are committed to finding the diamonds in the rough on marketplaces such as Amazon, Bol.com, Cdiscount, Allegro and others.

What drives us is growing brands to their highest potential, which is to your benefit too.

Does your brand offer more potential, but you simply lack the means like time or money? We’ll buy your brand, grow it and make sure you profit from the growth while we work our magic.

As entrepreneurs, we immediately recognize hard work when we see it. Our goal? Offering you financial freedom and a fair exit.

This is what sellers say about the dwarfs

Dwarfs presented a good offer within a blink of an eye.
Within 1,5 month, the money was transferred to my bank account
and I will continue to enjoy the fruits of my labors in the coming years.
Marco Coninx
AMCO International

The number 1 marketplace buyer in Europe

Here at Dwarfs, we think internationally. We spot opportunities that stretch far beyond borders. Would you like to grow your brand globally? Then you have come to the right place.

Our Dwarfs are always on the search for the most amazing e-commerce brands. We call this mining. The Dwarfs dig for diamonds in the rough with huge potential.

By implementing our growth strategies, we polish the rough diamonds into beautiful, shiny ones. This is how we make sure your company receives the absolute best treatments, with the best future, and with the best profit for you to benefit from.

Everybody wins!

Meet our investors

We will not settle for anything less than the best growth possible for your brand.

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International expansion




Search Engine Optimisation

Influencer Marketing

Listing Optimisation

Local Marketplace uitbreiding

Organic rankings

Review management

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Volume buying

How we work

Do you have an excellent turnover but are you reaching your limits? Our experience is; you will get further when you go beyond those limits. Sometimes, as entrepreneur, you just can’t do this alone. By joining forces, we are able to apply our expertise to your concept and create a boundless success. 

1. Mining for successful brands

We are in search for winning e-commerce brands

2. Growth and integration analysis

This is the step during which we make an analysis of your brand’s growth potential and how we can simply integrate this.

3. Bid for your brand

Based on our analysis we place you an honest bid for the brand you have built up.

4. Quick wins and growth plan

Our team will analyze the quick wins and will come up with a detailed growth plan.

5. Dwarfs Growth team will get to work

With our Dwarfs 100-points-plan we will start working to increase the growth of your brand.

6. Start benefiting from the growth

Start benefiting from the growth of your work, together with Dwarfs.

1. We ‘mine’ e-commerce brands
By using intelligent tools and in-house knowledge, we search for brands on various marketplaces.
2. We select the best brands with huge growth potential.
By using our scorecard, we are able to identify the best brands and analyze their growth potential.
3. We put in a great offer
Based on a quick analysis, we make you a solid offer.
4. We take charge
We would love to hear everything about your company and how you’ve built it, because we want to know everything there is to know about your brand. Your company is in good hands with us.
5. You receive a good exit and grow with us along the way.
We offer amazing exit possibilities and the option to remain involved and grow with us
6. We grow your brand to unprecedented levels.
We make it our personal mission to elevate your company to its highest possible potential. And you? You get to enjoy the benefit of that every step of the way.

How we work

1. We 'mine' ecommerce brands

By using intelegence tools and in-house knowledge, we search for the best brands on various marketplaces and analyze their potential.

2. We put in a great offer for your company

Based on a quick analysis, we make you a solid offer. Also, we want to know everything about your company. Your brand is in good hands!

3. We grow your brand to unprecedented levels

We make it our personal mission to elevate your company to its highest possible potential. And you? You can enjoy the benefit!

On average we close deals within 35 days

Stap 1

Contact us and receive a free valuation.

Stap 2

We would love to know everything there is to know about your company.

Stap 3

We are beyond thrilled and we hope you are too! You will receive a good offer from us.

Stap 4

Deal. We’ll make sure that the paperwork is taken care of, and you’ll receive the pay-out!

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